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Prepared for Luck
We all know that getting those fantastic shots takes preparation, research into your subject, research into your location, awareness of the weather gods, dedication to things that others just think we are nuts for being that dedicated too, and the list just goes on and on. We also know that it can absolutely involve an element of luck! When luck befalls you, you want to be prepared for it. There is one resounding theme to being prepared but before I get to that, let's take a look at a handful of images I have captured because I was..... prepared for luck! read more
Shooting the Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse
Situated on the end of a quarter-mile long breakwater, at the mouth of the Connecticut River, stands the 48-foot-high tall Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse. The Lighthouse, which is on the National Register for Historic Places, is a privately owned building after having been sold by the federal government in 2015. The breakwater it rests on though is still owned by the U.S. Coast Guard who has responsibility for maintaining the light while the lighthouse owners have the responsibility of maintaining the 130 year old historic more
Time Stacks Composed
There are plenty of folks out there shooting and displaying time-stack images and even a few folks writing and creating video tutorials about them. But yet, nothing I have seen describes what to look for in the cloud formations that are needed to help make a successful image! From my experience, this is one of the biggest factors in producing that successful time-stack image. In this article I will show you a few cloud formations and the time-stack images that I created as a result of those formations. I will also discuss a few other components that I take into consideration when composing my time-stack images along with revealing a few tips on how I end off the processing of them. read more
Mother Nature Taketh....Mother Nature Giveth
I pass by the opening in the trees everyday, always slowing the car, hoping to see something interesting at the waterfall. It was the time of year where the rising sun would peek through the branches downstream spreading its golden glow over the crest of the waterfall and down along the stonewall on the waterfall’s right side. The Pickerelweeds growing just at the edge of the upstream reservoir were growing back strong. Several storms earlier in the year had turned their leaves from a lush green to a soggy dull brown. The scene I had been waiting for was coming together! read more
Step Away from the Camera
This past September I was driving through an early autumn radiation fog, on my way to work, when I noticed the moon just over the crest of the hill on my left. I thought of the farm field around the corner a half mile ahead with the hope that the moon would be visible somewhere above that field. I knew it should be, but I just was not sure exactly where. I quickly slipped out of autopilot mode from my commute to work and into planning mode. Predawn light: tripod, increased ISO. Full Moon: long lens. Long lens: remote control (if you don't have a remote control use the 10 second delay on your shutter release). Of course, the planning was viable for one reason, I always have my camera with me! YES that it is hint for all you budding photogs! read more
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