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"Boulder Beach Sunrise""Mark Island Sunset""Silhouette""Otter Cliff Milky Way"
"Jessup Path""Cadillac Mountain Sunset""Sand Beach Milky Way""Cadillac Mountain Sunrise"
"Birch Fields""Margaret Todd""Jesup Trail""Margaret Todd at Dock"
"Ship Harbor Sunset I""Ship Harbor II""Deer Amongst The Birches""Dories At Rest"
"Otter Cliffs by Day""Acadia Rainforest""Transom""Traps"
"Pretty Marsh Moss""Mooring""Jordon Pond Boardwalk""Sunrise Splash"
"Cadillac Reflections""Cobblestone Beach""Ship Harbor II""Ship Harbor"
"Sunset at Hunters Bay""Sunrise at Bass Harbor Head""Reflections at Upper Hadlock Pond""Foggy Reflections"
"Eagle Lake Sunrise""Birch Reflections""Garden Reflections II""Autumn Reflections"
"Weed Reflections""Bass Head Harbor Lighthouse I""Bass Head Harbor Lighthouse II"
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